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40ft Reefer Conversion for Breeding Mosquitoes

Posted by admin on January 23, 2014

We have recently supplied a converted 40ft reefer to a biotech company for the purpose of breeding mosquitoes. This conversion included the removal of the m/c end and building a new front end in the container, two internal bulkheads to form two compartments for Larval Rearing and Adult Eclosion. We had to install electrics to IP65 and controlled lighting , as the module is being moved from one country to another the electrical system is dual voltage 240 and 110V. The temperature has to be controlled to within 1 degree C either side of the set temperature, to assist the evaporator units, fans have been installed in the ceiling to “circulate the air”. Vents, extractor fans, racking, shelving, 10m of stainless steel wash units and sinks including piping and pumps have been installed.

Some interesting facts

  • The controlled environment unit will be used for rearing adult male mosquitoes ·
  • The mosquitoes will be used in tropical countries to control the dengue mosquito
  • Dengue is a rapidly increasing tropical disease transmitted between humans by mosquito bites
  • Only female mosquitoes bite, male mosquitoes feed on plant nectar ·
  • The unit can process up to 4 million mosquito eggs and produce up to 1 million male adults every week
  • It takes 10 days to hatch the eggs and turn them in to adults
  • The unit complies with stringent ACL-2 (arthropod containment level 2) guidelines
  • The unit is capable of maintaining temperatures +/-1°C with just 1°C vertical temperature gradient