Health & Safety


    The Directors of LCL declare their policy is to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees and all others who may be affected by the Company's operations.  The promotion and preservation of safety and health, control of pollution and the protection of the environment are of fundamental importance in the activities of the Company's operations.

    The Company will maintain and improve a good record of safe, responsible activity by careful planning, organisation, monitoring, control and the application of the best trade practices and codes of conduct.  The risks to employees, contractors and all others whom may be affected by the activities of the Company will be assessed, reviewed and arrangements made to eliminate or control such risks.  This will be achieved by consultation, providing health surveillance as may be required, arranging for competent health and safety advice and instituting procedures to be followed in the event of an imminent or serious danger scenario. Providing information to employees of risks to their health and safety and the protective measures necessary.

    The Company requests + requires all persons who are employed by the Company, contracted to the Company, visitors to the Company's premises to co-operate with and conform to the Safety Policy of the Company.



    LCL is committed to providing the highest standards of service and logistic management throughout its business.

    We aim to exceed our client's expectations both in the way we manage the process and in the quality of the finished product.

    LCL places a high value on the staff within the company.  We seek to attract and retain the best possible staff.  It therefore follows that our clients benefit from the dedication and skill to achieve the highest service.

    Our staff expect high standards and are determined to deliver them through team work, planning and preparation, excellent organisational control and a proactive approach to identify and resolve problems.

    Our quality system is designed to drive efficiency in the organisition with the emphasis on settings it right the first time.  It provides an audit trail that demonstrates that procedures work effectively.



    LCL acknowledges the importance of ensuring the safety of the environment through the way it manages its operations. The company recognises that effective management of our environment also make god business sense and will be a fundamental part of our business strategy.

    We aim to achieve :

    •  minimise the effect of our logistic activities on the environment by use of the best available technologies within reasonable cost constraints, to control pollution and care for the local environment.
    •  comply with legal responsibilities and be aware of the development of new legislation.
    •  avoid waste and encourage conservation through correct selection of materials and recycling.
    •  source materials from sustainable resources and work with suppliers to achieve best practise.
    •  be sensitive to the environmental concerns of our neighbours and the communities we operate in.

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